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Scimitar Oryx Hunts In Texas

Hunting Scimitar Oryx at the Cedar Cove Ranch near Dallas

Welcome to Cedar Cove Ranch, the ultimate destination for premier exotic hunting adventures. Situated amidst the breathtaking eastern woods of Texas, our ranch stands as a testament to the pursuit of extraordinary hunting experiences. At Cedar Cove Ranch, we take great pride in offering a premier destination for Scimitar Oryx hunting, providing an unparalleled opportunity to hunt these magnificent creatures.

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Hunting Scimitar Oryx At Cedar Cove Ranch

The Scimitar Oryx, with its distinctive curved horns and elegant white coat, is a highly prized trophy for hunters worldwide. Our expansive hunting grounds, meticulously managed and cared for, provide the perfect habitat for Scimitar Oryx to roam freely, ensuring an authentic and exhilarating hunting experience. Witnessing these majestic animals in their natural environment is an awe-inspiring sight and creates memories that will last a lifetime.

At Cedar Cove Ranch, we are committed to delivering a hunt that surpasses expectations. Our team of experienced guides possesses in-depth knowledge of the land and the behavior of Scimitar Oryx, ensuring an exciting and successful adventure. Whether you are an experienced hunter or new to the pursuit, our guides will tailor the experience to your skill level, ensuring a memorable and rewarding hunt.

After an invigorating day of Scimitar Oryx hunting, retreat to our luxurious lodges nestled amidst the serene beauty of the ranch. Immerse yourself in the warm comforts and renowned hospitality that Cedar Cove Ranch is known for, indulging in exquisite cuisine and enjoying world-class amenities. We understand that the hunting experience extends beyond the field, and our accommodations provide the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For those seeking the thrill of Scimitar Oryx hunting in the heart of Texas, Cedar Cove Ranch is the ultimate destination. Book your Scimitar Oryx hunting adventure today and embark on a journey that combines the pursuit of an extraordinary trophy with the incomparable charm of our Texas landscape.

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Scimitar Oryx

Species Name: Scimitar Oryx (Oryx dammah)

Origin: Africa

Typical Weight: Adult males, known as bulls, can weigh between 400 to 600 pounds (181 to 272 kilograms).

Horn Size: 32" to 38" are typical horn sizes of mature Oryx.  At CCR, we also have offer limited Presidents Club Oryx 39/40+ inches

Hunting Season: All Year Round

Unique Attributes of Males:

  • Impressive Curved Horns: Male Scimitar Oryx possess magnificent, long, and slightly curved horns that can reach lengths of up to 40 inches (102 centimeters). These impressive horns are used for defense and display.

  • Striking White Coat: Both males and females of the species have a distinctive white coat with a reddish-brown neck and face. This adaptation helps them reflect sunlight and stay cool in their arid habitat.

Mating Season: The mating season for Scimitar Oryx typically occurs during the cooler months, from late autumn to early winter. During this time, males compete for dominance and breeding rights through displays of strength and territorial behaviors.


Scimitar Oryx trophy starting at $8500

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