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Nilgai Hunts In Texas

Hunting Nilgai at the Cedar Cove Ranch near DFW

Enter the realm of Cedar Cove Ranch, where we extend a warm invitation for you to embark on a top-tier exotic hunting expedition. Cradled amidst the idyllic hills of Texas, our ranch serves as a living testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional hunting encounters. Within the confines of Cedar Cove Ranch, our mission is unwavering: to offer you the premier destination for Nilgai hunting, providing an unparalleled opportunity to pursue these majestic creatures.

Nilgai are sought after as trophy animals by hunters due to their unique appearance and challenging nature. A Nilgai trophy can be an impressive addition to a hunter's collection.

Adult blue bull or nilgai is an asian antelope walking in the forest. Two baby blue bulls
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Hunting Nilgai At Cedar Cove Ranch

Nilgai, robust Indian antelopes, boast striking white patches adorning their coats. They present a distinctive and challenging quarry, demanding a more potent caliber for a successful takedown, owing to their robust upper bodies. This elevates the hunt into a more engaging and meticulous pursuit, where precision and skill are paramount. In return for this heightened level of attention, these creatures become prized trophies, serving as unique and exceptional decorative mounts that proudly showcase your prowess as a skilled hunter.

At Cedar Cove Ranch, we are dedicated to delivering a hunt that exceeds your expectations. Our team of experienced guides possess an intimate knowledge of the land and the behavior of Nilgai, guaranteeing an exciting and successful adventure. Whether you are an experienced hunter or new to the sport, our guides will tailor the experience to your skill level, ensuring an unforgettable and rewarding hunt.

After an invigorating day of Nilgai hunting, retreat to our luxurious lodges nestled within the tranquil surroundings of the ranch. Immerse yourself in the warm comforts and hospitality that Cedar Cove Ranch is known for, indulging in exquisite cuisine and enjoying world-class amenities. We believe that the hunting experience extends beyond the field, and our accommodations provide the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and reflection.

If you're in search of an exhilarating Nilgai hunting experience nestled in the heart of Texas, look no further than Cedar Cove Ranch. Secure your Nilgai hunting expedition today and set out on a remarkable journey that seamlessly merges the quest for a majestic trophy with the unparalleled splendor of the East Texas Woods

Nilgai Hunting

Species Name: Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus), also known as Blue Bull

Origin: India
Typical Weight: Male Nilgai can range from 240-630 pounds (109-288 kg) and Females weigh 220-470 pounds (100-213 kg) on average 

Horn Size: Male Nilgai horns can span 8-10 inches 

Hunting Season: Year-round

Unique Attributes:

  1. Robust Build: Nilgai, also known as blue bulls, possess a sturdy and powerful physique, making them one of the largest antelope species in Asia.

  2. Distinctive Appearance: Nilgai have unique white patches spotted around their coat such as a white throat patch as well as white markings around the horns

  3. Cautious: Nilgai are known for their keen senses and cautious behavior. They have excellent hearing and eyesight, which makes them difficult to approach without detection.

  4. Social Structure: Nilgai typically form small groups or herds, often led by a dominant male. The social dynamics within these herds can be complex.

  5. Excellent Stamina: When pursued by predators or hunters, Nilgai can run at high speeds for extended periods, demonstrating remarkable stamina.

  6. Mating Season: Nilgai mate differently in Texas from India, in Texas, they mate in the cooler months of December through March. In India, they mate from October to February.

  7. Hunting Pursuit: Nilgai hunting is regarded as a challenging and exciting endeavor due to the animal's size, strength, and wariness. Hunters often require more substantial calibers and ammunition to bring down a Nilgai due to their robust build and tough hide.


Overall, Nilgai hunting combines the thrill of pursuing a challenging quarry with the opportunity to obtain a unique and striking trophy.

Nilgai trophy starting at $8,000

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