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Luxury Corporate Retreats near Dallas - Fort Worth

Curated Company Retreats, Tailored to Your Preferences

Elevate Your Executive Retreat Experience with Unparalleled Luxury at Cedar Cove Ranch!

In the realm of high-end corporate gatherings, meticulous attention to detail is critical. At Cedar Cove Ranch, we exemplify excellence, curating an exclusive and premium event experience tailored exclusively for executives, your team, and your clients.

Our commitment to ensuring every facet of your corporate event is seamlessly orchestrated is unwavering. From pristine outdoors, to luxurious accommodations, with event venue, to gourmet catering and customized activities for your group, we leave no stone unturned. We take pleasure in crafting a personalized package befitting your preferences and guests needs.

At CCR, our dedication to delivering top-tier hospitality and luxury is evident in every facet of your experience, elevating the industry  standard in exclusive company retreats.

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A Premier All-Inclusive Hunting Adventure -

Tailored for Your Team or Valued Clients

For a secluded and exclusive hunting getaway, Cedar Cove Ranch stands out as the premier destination. We provide an exceptional experience that includes gourmet dining, fine beverages, bass fishing, and  optional shooting courses (5 Stand or tactical gun course), all meticulously tailored to your unique preferences.  Cedar Cove Ranch offers true luxury combined with high-class hunting, ensuring an unparalleled retreat experience.


Our top-tier hunting adventures feature options such as trophy whitetail, exotics, super exotics, ram, hog, and upland bird hunts, ensuring a memorable retreat that exceeds your expectations.

Team Building  | Off-site Meetings | Leadership Retreats

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Exclusive Retreat and Collaborative Team Building Experiences

For your company retreat and off-site meeting needs, our serene ranch, nestled in stunning natural surroundings, is the perfect choice. Whether you're looking for a peaceful setting for meetings or a relaxing spot by the fire pit, we have it all.

We offer a wide array of team-building activities, including wooded dynamic rifle and pistol course, 5-stand clay shooting challenges, fishing expeditions, drop team naviation mission, relay of fun outdoor challenges, archery, and more, all tailored to suit your preferences and foster bonding.

​Cedar Cove Ranch provides a private, exclusive experience uniquely tailored to your company's needs!

Contact us today to discover more about our ranch, explore available packages, or secure your event date – whether it's for your corporate retreat or a thrilling hunting excursion.

A few of the many clients we've had the pleasure of serving include:

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"Highly recommend Cedar Cove Ranch. We had a company offsite here for 3 days in October for 7 people. The rooms and common areas are very well-designed which made the whole lodge perfect for working during the day and relaxing around the fire at night.
It's hard to decide if the staff or the property itself were the best part of this trip. Everything was excellent.
The massive property is stunning with a private lake and tons of exotic wildlife.
The staff were friendly, attentive to our needs, and just great people to talk to.
If you want a beautiful location in nature for a company offsite, definitely talk to the team at Cedar Cove Ranch.."
- Op2 Labs

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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