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About Us

Create Lasting Memories through tailor-made, Personalized Experiences

Cedar Cove Ranch was born from our unwavering passion for nature and the great outdoors. Nestled within approximately 700 acres of pristine land, this expansive domain is thoughtfully divided, with secure sportsmen grounds and a tranquil ranch area.

Tucked just an hour away from the bustling Dallas metroplex, the enchanting city of Eustace, Texas harbors one of the Lone Star State's best-kept secrets. Cedar Cove Ranch emerges as a serene paradise, nestled amidst the serene lakes and majestic trees of the eastern region.

Our ranch boasts a diverse array of activities to suit every member of the family, from thrilling  hunting excursions to leisurely kayaking or fishing on a private lake, unforgettable adventures, nature experiences, and high class accommodations.

At Cedar Cove Ranch, we are seasoned creators of perfect experiences. No matter your preferences or special requests, we are committed to tending to every detail. Please click below to request the details for your upcoming retreat.

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