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About Us

A Hidden Gem of DFW!

Cedar Cove Ranch and Resort was developed to bring our passion for nature and the outdoors to others.  The ranch is a ~700 acre of land divided securely between our sportsmen grounds and the resort area.

Located an hour away from the Dallas metroplex, the city of Eustace, Texas holds one of the best-kept secrets in the state. Cedar Cove Ranch is a quiet paradise, tucked away amongst the lakes and trees of the eastern region.


From  thermal night & day hunting excursions to kayaking on the private lake, horseback riding adventures, outdoor movies, and five-star accommodations, the ranch is teeming with activities for the whole family. 

At Cedar Cove Ranch & Resort, we know how to create the perfect experiences. No matter what your preferences or special requests might be, we will ensure to take care of every detail.  Please click below to request details for your retreat.

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