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Your Hosts

Ripple & Arlan

Ripple and Arlan are avid outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.  Arlan loves to hunt and Ripple loves wild adventures. 

Arlan, an Army veteran, was raised hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  Arlan worked in the defense industry for years, after being in Army, to be able to continue supporting soldiers.  He extends his support of veterans and wounded warriors by providing them great experiences at CCR.  The Ranch is not just a business to him; it's his passion.  Being at the ranch is how he likes to live - in the country, surrounded by nature and enjoying peace away from the city hustle!  He loves teaching survival skills and providing outdoor experiences to all ages.


Ripple has a passion for providing unique experiences to children, families, and couples.  She is also the President and Owner of a Montessori School in Plano, Texas.   She enjoys adventures and an adrenaline rush, and has done it all - from skydiving to mountain climbing, canyoneering to rafting, UTV to horseback riding.  She loves the thrill and the rush!  She believes in the quote - "You only live once, but if you live fully, once is enough!" (Mae West)


Arlan and Ripple's story is complicatedly simple or simply complicated.  They were known as "oil and water" when they worked together in the defense industry but were well known for creating successful products. 

They decided to open the doors to Cedar Cove Ranch and Resort during the Summer of 2016 to share their love of the outdoors with all their guests.   It gives them great satisfaction to see that their guests have great experiences at their ranch and, most importantly, help them create lasting memories.

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