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  • Youth Summer Camp (3 days/2 nights)

    Our Kids Camp Experience is the perfect choice for kids (8 to 17 years old) to explore the outdoors that Cedar Cove Ranch has to offer. Whether you looking for a disciplined (boot camp) or a fun-filled (recreational) camp to teach your child independence, emotional regulation, self confidence, self awareness, team building and prepare them for leadership - we provide it all. In the age of cell phones, video games and social media, give your child the experience to learn, enjoy, explore nature, and understand how much more interesting and fun it is without technology.


    Your explorer will experience fun land and water adventures, along with unique outdoors learning experience.

    • Boot Camp and Recreational Camp Options Available

      Camp Overview:


      Day 1:

      Orientation: Meet & Greet, Agenda Overview, Camp Set-up

      Development Focus: Emotional Regulation

      Day 2:

      Intro to Survival & Wilderness

      Build Your Own Shelter / Fire making / Gather & Prepare Food / Water Purification techniques

      Development Focus: Self Dependence

      Day 3:

      Outdoors First Aid / Safety - Land & Water

      Orienteering & Navigating

      Development: Respond vs React, Self Awareness

      Day 4:

      Team Building - Mission Planning & Execution

      The Warrior Challenge (Parents’ attendance encouraged to cheer your child on!)

      Development: Interdependence / Leadership, Self Confidence




      Core activities included in camp schedule (weather dependent):

      • Fishing (Gather & Prepare Food)
      • Hiking, Kayaking/Canoeing, Swimming (Safety – Land & Water)
      • Hiking, Scavenger Hunt (Orienteering & Navigation)
      • Outdoor Laser Tag (Mission Planning & Execution)
      • Kayaking/Canoeing, Biking (The Warrior Challenge)



      Recreational Leisure Activities through out the camp experience

      Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball & Badminton, Flag Football, Outdoor Movies, Rafting/Tubing

      Indoor Activities (for inclement weather – Charades, Ping Pong, Chess, Foosball, Board Games)



      The Boot Camp Experience:

      Combines a regimen mentioned above with focus on discipline & physical fitness to the standard recreational camp, & conducted by ex-military personnel.

      Additional challenges & missions incorporated in daily routine & instructions will include:

      • Morning Formations & Physical fitness training
      • Lunch formations & chow hall experience (lunch served in military boot camp style)
      • Evening formation & additional instruction after dinner (provided in replacement of leisure activities)
      • Leisure activity reward based on performance during execution
    $455.00 Regular Price
    $364.00Sale Price
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