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Kids Boot Camps (3 Days Camp) 

Our Kids Camp Experience is the perfect choice for kids (9 - 13 years / 14-17 years) to explore the outdoors that Cedar Cove Ranch has to offer. Whether you looking for a disciplined (Boot Camp) or a fun-filled (Recreational) camp to teach your child independence,  emotional regulation, self confidence, self awareness, team building and prepare them for leadership - we provide it all.  In the age of cell phones, video games and social media, give your child the experience to learn, enjoy, explore nature, and understand how much more interesting and fun it is without technologies.

This camp is a structured and disciplined hosted by military veterans and outdoor experts.  Along with the physical & emotional training, they will enjoy outdoor activities, learn more about nature and build stronger self awareness.

Example Camp Schedule:

Day 1: Orientation

Meet and Greet, Camp Overview, Kayaking

Day 2: Intro to Survival & Wilderness

Leisure: Laser Tag, Basketball

Development Focus: Emotional Regulation

Day 3: Build Your Own Shelter / Fire making / Food / Water

Leisure: Outdoor Movies, Baseball, Volleyball & Badminton

Development Focus: Self Dependence

Day 4: First Aid & CPR, Safety - Land & Water

Leisure: Fishing, Flag Football

Development: Respond vs React

Day 5: Orienteering & Navigating

Leisure: Hiking, Laser Tag

Development Focus: Self Awareness

Day 6: Team Building - Mission Planning & Execution

Leisure: Camp Recap, Indoor sports - ping pong, chess, foosball, etc.

Development: Interdependence / Leadership

Day 7: The Warrior Challenge

Lesiure: Swimming

Development Focus: Self Confidence

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Summer Youth Camp - click for more details
(8-16 years)
4 days/3 nights
June 19-21 or July 31-Aug 2nd
Mommy/Daddy & Me- click for more details
Summer Kids Camp
2 days/1 nights
June 15th- 16th

Pre-participation evaluations is mandatory for the camps. 

If you have younger child, please contact us and we will be glad to create a family-kids package for you all to experience.